Press Kit: Super Sleuths.

Super Sleuths are here on podcast hosted by Acast.

Audiobook meets Podcast!
E.M. Clarke's children's adventure series 'Super Sleuths' is read aloud by Lexi.

Also available on Kindle and in paperback.

Book 1 Super Sleuths and the Pirate's Plunder

Pirates! Magic! Spy parrots!
Follow the exciting adventures of the Super Sleuths! Join Zelie, Zav, and friends as they use magic to solve mysteries.
What are the evil Count Zuto and Prince Igor up to? How is the notorious pirate band the Black Cross Gang involved?
Can the sleuths save the day? Meet talking parrots and ancient dragons in the faraway tropical land of Sandopolis, where those pesky pirates keep the children on their toes...

Six reasons to listen:

1. Screen time.
We know screen time is something parents worry about - why not help limit your child's screen time by listening rather than watching?

2. Get kids reading.
Listening to these exciting adventures will encourage your child to read (especially if they read along).

3. Get kids thinking creatively.
The books also inspire creative thinking through audio.

4. Language development.
Listening and reading along is great for everyone but especially useful for children with English as an additional language.

5. Enquiring and adventurous minds.
We believe in fostering a love of adventure and independence in children through the inspiring (and exciting!) adventures the Sleuths have.

6. It's free.
Find audiobooks expensive? No need to pay the high prices - our podcast is free!

Why not join in!

Release Schedule
To be advised. A new chapter per episode. Ending at Episode 11

Visit us at for extra material.

Coming soon:
Book 2 Super Sleuths and the Royal Captive
Book 3 Super Sleuths and the Smuggler's Gold
Book 4 Super Sleuths and the Missing Inventor
Book 5 Super Sleuths and the Magical Parrots of Flambeau
Book 6 Super Sleuths and the Cabin Boy's Secret

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